Long Term Full Service Truck Leasing

Why should you lease your Transport Fleet from PacLease Sydney?

Full Service Truck Leasing is similar to rental, with terms greater than 12 months. Typical leasing contracts are for 3+ years. The one monthly fee includes new or late model DAF trucks, Kenworth trucks and/or coupled trailers, registration, full maintenance and options for insurance inclusion.

  • Onboard Telematics – Driver Truck Monitoring
  • Preventive Maintenance – to keep you running 24/7
  • Registration (optional)
  • Substitute Vehicles (optional in various markets)
  • 24-Hour Emergency Assistance – 1800 number to call
  • Custom Decals – Paint Schemes to Customer Requirements
  • Option of Insurance – with Loss History Review

The Equipment on agreement is simply returned to PacLease Sydney at the end of the term, or the equipment can be renewed, depending on your requirements. You are not responsible for Residual Values or a Buy Out. Full Service Truck Leasing lets you concentrate on operating your business while we take care of the vehicles.

PacLease Sydney’s Full Service Leasing programs can provide you financial and operational benefits. Financially, your company can preserve bank financing or cash for other areas of the business needs capital. Remember Trucks and Trailers DEPRECIATE and DO NOT increase in value. Operationally, it allows your company to focus on core functions of your business.

In the long run, our Truck Lease and Maintenance packages allow your company to maximise uptime and productivity. Plus with our equipment, you have a leg up on retaining Driver labor in a tight market.